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Complacency and The Appetite Monster on a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet

Cupcake Monster

Have you heard of cronuts? A cronut is basically a donut made with croissant dough. That is, you take the puff pastry normally used to make a croissant, and you deep fry it like a donut, sweetening it along the way to make sure that it is as sugary and crispy and delicious as you…

Tapping and Health


Now I don’t want to get all woo woo on you, but I do believe in tapping. It’s an odd practice, especially the first time you see it done by somebody else, but it’s surprisingly effective. Tapping is a way to program yourself to accept messages about how you want to feel, and take advantage…

Creamy Low Carb High Fat Coconut Flour Cake


(Be sure to see the notes at the bottom for the latest updates to this recipe!) Since I’ve been following a low-carb high-fat diet, I haven’t really found myself craving sweets. The pattern I follow includes a six-hour cheat window once every week or two. If I ever feel the need for something that’s not…

Deviled Eggs: The Perfect Low-Carb High-Fat Snack


Sometimes when you’re following a new way of eating, you find you have to make modifications to some of your favorite recipes in order to make them appropriate for your lifestyle. Not so with one of my favorite snacks, deviled eggs. These yummy little bites of goodness are perfect for low-carb high-fat eating exactly the…