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What’s Healthy on a Low-Carb High-Fat Diet?


Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s healthy to eat on a low-carb high-fat diet. There are so many opinions out there, and so many foods these days that are starting to climb onto the bandwagon of low-carb high-fat eating.

For example, I recently heard that Oscar Meyers is putting out a line of their salty carb-rich kid’s line of Lunchables specifically for adults, some with a purported low-carb high-fat theme. But as I understand it, these contain fewer than 200 calories of processed meats and cheeses along with roasted nuts; not necessarily the healthiest choices or the most satisfying meal.

When I’m choosing what I want to eat, I always try to find the least processed food that I can. This usually means that most of my meals include a healthy portion of fresh raw vegetables, or slightly steamed vegetables in the case of the crucifers and the cabbage family, which should not be eaten completely raw. I like plain butter, coconut oil, heavy cream, and fatty cuts of meat. I’ll admit that I also enjoy my processed meats. Bacon, salami, and bologna do play a role in my diet. But I recognize that these have carbohydrates as well as other additives that may not be as healthy for me, so I don’t emphasize them.

I also enjoy nuts, but I know that roasted nuts contain oils that have been through the roasting process, which are less healthy and potentially irritating to my system. I try to eat my nuts as raw as I can tolerate them ,but I I’ve never been fond of completely raw nuts. Fortunately, my husband is an expert at roasting nuts. It’s not as hard as it sounds. All you have to do is put them on tray in the oven for about 10 minutes at 300°F, and watch them carefully toward the end. Nuts go very quickly from properly toasted too burnt, and get a bitter taste when they’re overcooked. I’m very sensitive to bitter tastes.

My mother complains that I don’t eat enough fruits. Of course, I don’t eat fruit at all, since most fruits are very high in sugar. I tried to explain to her that benefits of eating vegetables, fats, and meats outweighs the benefits of eating fruits. I may miss out on a few of the antioxidants that come from some fruits, but the science on antioxidants is still in its infancy. Most fruit these days is so cultivated ends crossbred that it hardly bears any resemblance to the fruits nature would have provided. I don’t feel like I’m missing much when I avoid a monocultured apple or an absolutely perfect navel orange packed with so much more sugar than would ever have occurred in nature.

It’s important to understand what’s in the food that you’re eating. Remember that the front of the boxes is just marketing. The back of the box contains the information about what the food really contains. Read those labels, look for the ingredients you know you can trust, and avoid the ones that you don’t feel comfortable with. Just because something has a long complicated name, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad for you, but learn what those names mean and which ones are healthy.

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  1. Pat Kremer
    May 1, 2015 at 5:29 am

    Thanks for the info/encouragement. I have been stage 4 Breast cancer woman for 4 years. Refused all chemo/radiation because of years of researching alternatives after my only sister died from chemo damage at age 49. My Oncologist admitted I made the right decision because I am doing way better than on what he would have given me. Came across Low Carb High Fat Ketogenic diet as Cancer Cure & BINGO! Clicked in with everything I have learned in 16 years research of alternative treatments. People who cannot afford pricey alternative treatments, supplements or don’t have good insurance can do this Ketogenic diet to cure even late stage cancers! Thank Jehovah God for people with open minds & hearts who listen, evaluate & publish truths when they recognize them. I especially appreciate the connection between diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, heart disease, Dementia & Alzheimers that carbohydrates in the diet affect.

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