Low Carb High Fat Diet

Quantifying Low-Carb High-Fat Diets

There’s a very informative new video out by a geneticist, James McCarter, who was speaking at a Quantified Self meeting about his experiences with low-carb high-fat diets. This short video is really worth watching.

The Effects of a Year in Ketosis by James McCarter from Quantified Self on Vimeo.

In addition to talking about some of the very specific effects of following a low-carb high-fat diet, he touches on a few of the issues that we don’t address enough, Including dealing with muscle cramps, and the effect of salt on our health. He also discusses the way that low-carb high-fat diets can change our perception of temperature, making us colder sooner. (I know this is been an issue for me, and I’ll bet it’s been an issue for some of you as well.)

We have a lot of N=1 testimonials about low-carb high-fat living, but not all of them come from experience geneticists, and not all cite such extensive and interesting studies. If you have skeptical relatives, this is a great seven-minute video to share with them.

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